Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fabric fantastic!

a while ago i received this wonderfully fantastic fabric filled package in the mail. it was beautifully packaged by the people at sew, mama, sew (i love them! check out their blog and their store! - feb 08 is quilting month and they are featuring some beautiful and inspiring quilts)

i love me some beautiful fabric and i'm sure others do, too, so i have to share this deliciousness: what colours, what prettiness, what fun!! i can hardly wait to start using them, but for now they are stacked in my bedroom so that my eyes can feast on them whenever i want. seeing these beautiful fabrics in the morning sunlight puts a big smile on my face as i get ready for work... i could just leave them in a pile for months and be perfectly happy... but i am itching to start sewing so i may have to dig into my pile of loveliness :)

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MAW said...

This will seem rather strange, but I just set up a blog at http://23transfer.blogspot.com/ as part of a librarian's project in MN USA and there was a radio button labeled "next blog"..so I punched it and voila! there was your beautiful photo from the top of a mountain! And then I read your notes. What a delightful image you put into my head. I see you tying your shoe as you give that delectable quilt fabric tower one last glance before you head off to work. It puts a smile on my face too! Keep writing. Your style is most appealing.