Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

it is days like today that i really miss being closer to family. i miss being together with v, my parents and my brothers and their families - especially during the holidays. next year...

for the first time ever, the monkey and i decorated an easter tree. simple, just some budding branches with a few butterflies and dragonflies hanging from it, but it was fun and it is a beautiful reminder of the spring which is on its way!

the monkey is now at an age (nearly 3) where hunting for easter eggs is fun... bordering on frustrating when she doesn't find one, but overall fun. she loves the chocolate, of course, but the little giggle and look of surprise when she actually uncovers an egg, shows me that there's more to it than just yummy chocolate. she was hiding and 'refinding' eggs all morning.

this morning, we made some egg nests to give to our neighbours as a little easter gift. they are fun and cute and are actually very yummy even though it is really hard to bite into the cuteness of them (one had to be a taste test, right?!)

i got the idea for little egg nests from a blog that made meringue nests cradling little easter eggs (i'm sorry i can't remember which blog). considering my lack of skill in making meringue (i think i don't have the patience for it), i decided that 'haystacks' were more my style, and they do look adorable with these brightly covered eggs! i was hoping to use my mom's haystacks recipe that i grew up with (childhood memories with those!) but wasn't able to get a hold of the recipe in time, so used this one off of allrecipes, minus the peanuts. a hit to be sure, but not a good as my mom's :)

this year, i wanted to make the monkey a doll as an easter gift. i decided this quite a long time ago, and had found the doll i wanted to make for her - olive from the wee wonderfuls 'make-a-long story' (if you go to this website and see the little make-a-long story you will smile and smile and smile at the cuteness of it - at least i did and still do). of course, being me, i left the actual making of the doll until the night before.

i think she's rather beautiful, actually. blond hair and blue eyes just like the monkey. plus, she was SO much fun to make. i smiled all evening at the cuteness of the creation - well, almost all evening - there was the moment of attaching the bottom of the body to the dress and legs where the smile made for way for something less *ahem* lady-like. but in the end, i finished the little sweetheart and she was ready and waiting for the monkey this morning.

now i can't stop. i have already started doll number 2.

lastly, one of my favorite images of the day - the monkey completely enjoying her easter chocolate - you can see the first bite was of the ear, bite number two which followed shortly after this picture was the chicken's head.

two things the monkey said today that made my heart warm:

1. 'mommy have some chocolate, too?' as she holds out her chocolate to share with me - she has such a beautiful generosity within her.

2. 'is it my birthday?' this came this afternoon - she had clearly been thinking about it since the morning when she opened her easter presents (she had some presents from grandma and grandpa, nanny, me, and a friend from her dayhome). it is beautiful how she tries to reconcile the idea of receiving presents to something that is familiar to her.

she takes my breath away.

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