Monday, April 14, 2008

my home is full of UFOs

UFO: unfinished object

i have a lot of them. for example...

my first pair of socks and my first 'lace' pattern. i love the yarn - the color and the softness (it is colinette jitterbug in colorway 'lagoon'). i love the pattern (monkey socks designed by cookie a, who designs beautiful socks and i want to knit ALL of them) it is SO much fun to knit. i've turned the heel and am heading toward the toe. seriously cool. who knew knitting socks would be so much fun. of course, the thing with socks is that there'll be a second one to finish after the first :)

my mom's clapotis shawl / scarf. i love this, too. very much. i love the silk / wool blend of the elsebeth lavold silky wool. the color is a rich reddish color. and the pattern - well, there's a reason it's one of the most popular knitting patterns on ravelry :) the clapotis pattern, designed by kate gilbert, is fun, and addicting. first time i've dropped stitches - at least, first time i've dropped them on purpose ;-) i am probably 65% done on this project and getting closer to the finish every day.

the 3/4 length bell sleeve shrug pattern by fickle fibre diva. i am knitting it in colinette point 5, colorway neptune. i have had this on the go for quite a long time and just can't seem to finish it (maybe because i keep starting other fun projects??!!) but at the same time i can't wait to wear it!

a baby sweater for my friend vicky's new beautiful baby boy. it is the five fruits sweater designed by amanda kerr (i can't find the link to the pattern unfortunately). this is my first baby project and my first completed sweater and it was fun. it is finished except for blocking, sewing in the ends, and putting the buttons in the neckline. i think finding the buttons would help speed me along to finishing this project. mmm.... button shopping!!

so, a lot of UFOs. i am not allowed to start anything new until i get at least one of these projects off the needles :) this desire to continually start new things is called 'startitis' in the knitters world. i seem to have it bad.

btw... while writing this post, i have been listening to johnny cash 'the legend of johnny cash'. i love his cover of 'one' by u2. what a beautiful song. i have also been smelling the glorious smell of my favorite tomato sauce in the world cooking in my kitchen. spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow night. yummy.

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