Tuesday, September 9, 2008

knitting for the monkey, part 1

so - v and i are at purl soho in nyc (knitter heaven pretty much) in june and talking to the girls that work there about random things such as my wish to knit the noro striped scarf (a la brooklyn tweed's too beautiful version). while they do not carry noro, they do carry alchemy migration, and they happened to have a sample scarf knit in this style out of this yarn, and i happened to think this would make a very beautiful scarf for the monkey and voila! turns out it's pretty cute :)

thank you purl soho girls for helping me choose the colour combo as it really rocks! i wasn't sure i was going to like all of the colorway combinations as i was knitting this but the end result is so pretty :) plus... the monkey loves it, which makes mommy so very happy. photo shoot of the scarf in action will have to wait for cooler weather.

as for the yarn, the colours are beautiful and it is super soft and squishy now that it is knit, however, i didn't particularly love knitting it as it doesn't have much 'stretch' and can be a bit splitty.

pattern: like brooklyn tweed's version of the noro striped scarf just... um... without the noro - 1x1 rib (49 stitches), 4 rows per 'stripe', slipping the first and last stitch on the return rows to make a lovely edge
yarn: alchemy migration (30% silk, 70% wool), colourway 1: cinnamon teal, colourway 2: purple martin
needles: 4.25mm (US size 6)

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