Wednesday, January 23, 2008

there's a pig on that cow's belly!

allison. the monkey. she cracks me up. last night we were reading this book: 'la ferme'. the book has pictures of lovely little farm animals with a short phrase helping to identify the animals. allison likes this book a lot and even more now that she associates the farm with grandma and grandpa.

one of these animals in this book is "le cochon" with the phrase "qui est tout rose?" in our house, this question is always followed by much giggling and snorting (snorting like a pig as opposed to gratuitous snorting) as we discover that it is 'the pig' that is 'all pink'.

last night, however, the pig became infamous. when we were on the page of 'la vache', we saw a lovely picture of a black and white spotted cow with a bright pink udder. allison became very excited and said 'look mommy - there's a pig on that cow's belly!'

oh my. how she makes me laugh.

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Vincent Duckworth said...

I love this so like the monkey :-)